Monday, December 13, 2004
June 15, 2006
Thurs. 3 am

Question from M in the Alzheimer on-line community who asks me what nursing facilities I visited this week. She lives in West Seattle.

Hi M,

I have not visited in West Seattle but a friend's mil's in a facility there and she likes it. I will ask her.

I visited St. Ann's in North Seattle, which seemed good, 47 beds and clean atmosphere. I was not in the patient area so didn't see staff patient interaction and didn't ask about ratios. They don't have a locked facility.

Then I went to Aegis ALF, where they only check on the patients every two hours. There's an elevator which patients go on themselves. I didn't like that.

Then to Evergreen, an adult family home where about eight patients were sitting on couches, mouths open, sleeping or staring at a turned-off television. I was out of there in a hurry. No male beds anyway.

I don't want him in a locked facility but in the past he wandered. He doesn't now but an admission's person at another facility, Foss, told me that when my husband gets away from me he will be upset and will want to leave where he is. probably true, so at this point I'm thinking to hire more people at home until he no longer knows me. Lousy break for people who paid a lot of dues, huh? For anyone. I'm sick of J's pollyanna attitude where everything's good if you make it so. Bull shit.

Let me know what facilities you look at.

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